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Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility that is located at 777 Murphy Road in Medford, Oregon. Treating substance abuse involves multiple stages of treatment through a recovery program such as that offered by Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center. This can include group counseling, individual counseling, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and medically assisted detox, among many others. Treatment programs are based on the individual themselves and are constructed to suit each patient individually. Just as every person is unique, so should treatment programs and that is exactly what patients will receive at Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center.

If addicts do not obtain the right type of support and guidance, they may find treatment to be very difficult as the thought of sobriety can seem so far-fetched. At Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center, professional counseling and guidance are provided to all patients aged Adults, giving them the strength needed in order to obtain a life that is free of drug and alcohol addiction. By altering the patient's outlook on life through addiction treatment, they will be able to stay positive throughout the duration of rehab.

The staff members at Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center have a mission and that is to give patients effective and quality addiction treatment so that long-lasting sobriety can be obtained. The path to a positive future starts on a positive foot and that begins at Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center. Confronting addiction is a difficult thing to do, but it is the most important step in the recovery process. Through professional counseling during the patient's time in treatment, patients will learn coping skills and trigger management which is imperative to the success of maintaining sobriety.

Maintaining sobriety on one's own is extremely difficult, especially when the addict has tried to go 'cold turkey' on their own. This is because it requires medically-assisted detox in order to properly and safely wean the body off of the substance of abuse. This way the body does not go through sudden withdrawal nor experience harsh side effects. Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center can provide patients with all of the necessary tools, treatments, and resources so that patients have every opportunity to succeed in recovery.

Getting treatment is the best option when seeking a life that is free of substance abuse. Get the help required now and start living the best life possible. Contact Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center by visiting now.

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Google Reviews

  5.0   1 year ago

Don't get me wrong it's a love hate for sure.. but it saved my life.

  5.0   1 year ago

Allied, the therapy, and the medication saved my life. I am 55, and believed that I would never be clean. and now, I have the most clean time I have had since age 13. I am a college student -finishing up an Associates Program, and beginning a Bachelors. It took me a little bit to finally give up all mood altering drugs, including marijuana, but the counselors at Allied understand that, and don't slam the door if it takes some time to achieve total abstinence. Unless you have been trapped in the hell of an opiate addiction, it's extremely hard to understand the desperation an addict has to "stay well". It's so painful-physically-sufferers will do just about anything to keep the withdrawals away. Unfortunately, our families, our employers, our communities are forced to deal with the negative consequences of our addiction. And those consequences can be horrific. This is my 5th attempt at sobriety, and I am finally clean-because I choose to be, not because I am court ordered. I am reconnected with my family. I am not on probation or parole. I am not in an unhealthy relationship. I am a productive member of my community. I am giving back what was so freely given to me. For once in my life, I am free. If you take their suggestions and follow their instructions, you have a great chance of long term recovery. If I can do it, anyone can. It just takes a lot of work. You can recover, if suffering, and you've tried everything else, give harm reduction a try. It works. It really works.

  3.0   1 year ago

Nurses are awesome, the councilors do the best they can , most of them do a good job but pretty soon I feel like they get tired of the higher up's always yelling at them for things, even though they are way over worked, the assistant director has treated me and multiple others like they were below her and wouldn't give me the time of day when I asked a question she dismissed me and treated me like scum, and an annoyance!! Acting like she is better. I believe that the higher up staff is all about money, they are not always about helping there paitients and will hold your dose over your head like your a dog, other than the rediculous actions of the directors, this place saved me because I got lucky and got good counselors that truly cared.

  3.0   1 year ago

This place is alright for managing your addiction, but not for actual treatment. They're more interested in keeping you on their medicine than getting you healthy and clean. If you want to get completely sober you need to seek counseling elsewhere, or come here and get secondary counseling.

  4.0   1 year ago


  5.0   2 years ago

They helped me when I felt like I had no other options. Now I have been diagnosed with chronic pain in my knees, three years later and I can't get any relief for it any where I am forever labeled. Doctors everywhere are subject to what ever Dr. Jim Shames of the methadone clinic tells them and he will not allow any doctor to give pain medicine to any one who has been a patient at the clinic. I do not feel that this is fair. Many people develop pain in their life with injuries and just deteriorating joints from working or aging. And because of past or present affiliation with a Methadone Clinic, you are not allowed the same help and relief as other people with the very same pain issues. Now it is a year later and the clinic has changed since the one in Grants Pass opened up and took some of the case load from our clinic. Now you can get in and out with enough time to get to work on time; no more do we have to choose between our recovery and our jobs.

  5.0   3 years ago

The clinic really is what you make it. If you go in with a negative attitude and blame everyone for your mistakes.. yes it's going to be hell.. of your own making. If you're truly ready for change and make the most of it, follow the rules, don't argue with staff and stay respectful, your life will change for the better and you will find peace. Personally I find the staff genuinely caring and honest, however nobody is perfect and when dealing with so many patients six days a week mistakes are inevitable. All we can do in our position is bite the bullet and admit fault.. even when the fault is not our own sometimes. If you can follow the rules, do the groups on time, mind your own business and stay out of trouble.. gradually your life will change for the better here.

  4.0   5 years ago

Once the NEW building was located...not at the addres shown for Main St., the program is good. Now the clinic is Locate on Murphy Dr...don't bother with 837 Main st. The counselors have their hands full, so be patient.

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